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Beans, On The Move

Beans the dog awakes to find himself embarking on an unexpected journey: leaving his old, familiar home for a new place. He may not feel "really, really ready" but with a little help from his mama, Beans learns that he's brave enough for anything.

Through colorful illustrations and lighthearted prose, "Beans On The Move" shows young children that there is a sense of courage and adventure within us all. While new experiences may be scary, with the help of Beans, children will learn to embrace their fears, explore the unknown, and find opportunities for an exciting future!

With the help of Beans, your child will be "really, REALLY ready" for that next move to a new home or any big transition!


Fearless Beans

The experience of transitioning to daycare or kindergarten can be a source of great anxiety for young children.

Like many children, Beans is anxious about his first day; however, he soon learns how much fun making friends can be. The experience of going to doggie daycare helps Beans build confidence, make friends, and learn other valuable social skills.


Beans' adventure will help prepare your child to overcome the fears and anxieties associated with his/her the first day of preschool or kindergarten. It is my hope that reading Fearless Beans with your child will help them to identify with Beans and believe, "If Beans is ready and can do it, I can do it too!"

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